Visitor Portal

          Who 旋风网络加速器介绍 use this portal?

          Rice employees interested in bringing a visitor to campus and requesting to give them any of the following:

          • Identification (ID) Card
          • Facility access key or keycard
          • E-mail, VPN or other IT account
          • Parking lot sticker (not¬†temporary hangtag)
          • Library checkout privileges
          • Recreation center access

          Who should not use this portal?

          • Visitors who do not require the listed resources while visiting Rice
          • Groups visiting campus for tours, conferences, or camps
          • Rice personnel, students and affiliates, such as:
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            • Rice students, including continuing studies students
            • Rice employees, including anyone paid through Rice payroll
            • Rice trustees and residential college associates

          How do I get started?

          Login to begin

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